Sustainability at Klett

We don't compromise. We make chocolate.

We make sure that only flawless raw materials and materials are used in our products and that retailers and consumers receive them in optimal condition and at the agreed time.

This combination of quality standards and quality guarantee have been related with our company from day one. For us, fairness, trust and reliability are the basis for collaboration. That is why they are at the center of everything we do.

With all the natural ingredients that are processed in our chocolate creations, the high quality of one ingredient is particularly important to us: the chocolate itself. Accordingly, our hollow chocolate figures have always been free of unnecessary ingredients and GMOs since the company was founded. So you won't find anything like clarified butter or flavouring in it.

Certified cocoa of the Rainforest Alliance

By using certified cocoa of the Rainforest Alliance, we support the environmentally- and socially responsible cocoa farming. The Rainforest Alliance trains farmers to produce more cocoa of better quality with special consideration for people and the environment.

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Organic and Fairtrade Certification

Klett also produces organic- and fairtrade chocolate products. Despite of the higher production costs, these products are very important for us.

We also strive to use sustainable alternatives for our packaging. That's why, for example, we have switched our thermoformed inserts, which give our figures a secure stand, to an alternative made of RPET.

By the way: Part of our electricity comes from our own roof. And the rest is 100% green electricity.