Certified chocolate products

Our certifications

We produce in accordance with the qualitiy requirements of the IFS certification IFS Food (Higher Level).

IFS Food (International Featured Standards) is a worldwide recognized standard for food safety.
This certification attests us a complete quality along the whole production chain.

The IFS Food (Higher Level) certification ensures, that our quality standards are being audited by independent certification authorities on a regular basis. We expect from all our suppliers to be IFS certified as well, to offer you the expected quality when buying our products.

We also offer the following certification upon customer request:

We are certified according to the EG-ÖKO regulation. We are pleased to produce products in organic quality upon request (DE-ÖKO-006). All our products, which are marked with this Label, are controlled organic products.
During the whole production process all organic guidelines are fulfilled. All raw materials used for the product come from controlled and certified cultivation.

We use certified cocoa from the Rainforest Alliance, hence we support the environmentally- and socially responsible cocoa farming. The Rainforest Alliance trains farmers to produce more cocoa of better quality with special consideration for people and the environment.

For more information go to www.rainforest-alliance.org

Since 2015 Klett chocolate is certified Fairtrade.

The Fairtrade Cocoa Label identifies products whose production must comply with binding regulations. This concerns social, ecological and also economic areas.

For more information go to www.fairtrade-deutschland.de/was-ist-fairtrade/fairtrade-siegel

We are certified according to Naturland standards since 2018.

Naturland certified products contain 100% ecologically produced raw materials. In addition, their producers receive fair payment and the entire production chain is transparent. Especially the latter supports the high qualitative standards of products under the Naturland label.

The Naturland Association is not only committed to better food. For example, they also stand up for ecological forest use and fair trade-sponsorships.

For more information go to www.naturland.de

Further certifications:

Sedex is an international database that enables us as a member to keep our supply chains transparent and to manage ethically. In this way, we create transparency and security within the entire value chain of our food products.

  • Religious specifications are also possible on request (for example Kosher or Halal).

Energy- and environmental managment system

Since 2014 we have been certified in accordance with the Peak Efficiency System Ordinance. This enables us to improve our energy efficiency and thus increase the sustainability of our products. In addition, Klett Schokolade uses 100% green electricity, which we also produce in part by using our own photovoltaic systems.

Our quality standards are uncompromisingly high

  • We give business partners and consumers the assurance that when they buy our products, they are always purchasing high-quality luxury foods that are manufactured, packaged, stored and transported in accordance with the strictest hygiene and quality standards.
  • All employees of Klett take care, that in our factory are only used flawless raw materials as well as materials, and that the commerce and the consumer receive our products in perfect condition and in an agreed time.
  • Safety in the workplace and quality and environmental awareness in all areas of the company are indispensable requirements for us.
  • Through training and further education, we constantly qualify and motivate our employees to meet the highest quality and hygiene requirements.

This quality standard and guarantee has been associated with the Klett company from day one.

Source of information to chocolate

On the website of the BDSI (Bundesverband der Deutschen Süßwarenindustrie e.V.) you will find information on current developments in the confectionery industry in Germany.

On the website of German Sweets e.V. you will find information about the more than 200 member companies of the German confectionery industry. This also includes information on upcoming trade fairs and the latest news from the industry.

On the website of Schokoinfo you will find a lot of information about chocolate and cocoa. It also covers areas like sustainability and chocolate recipes. For example, you can learn how chocolate is extracted and then further processed.